Be the Love

Be the love you wish to see in the world- The Universe (

Many people come to yoga for a variety of reasons-to reach fitness goals, to increase flexibility and to fly, to engage on a spiritual path, to calm the mind- there are so many reasons why people start and why they come back.  I often hear comments from my students like: “I feel so much better after I practice,” “I often come to the room totally stressed out and leave feeling calm and energized,” “My body feels so much stronger from practicing,” I can’t believe I finally did that arm balance!” For those of us who practice yoga on a regular basis, have most certainly experienced many or all of these phenomena. Ultimately, a shift starts to happen and transformation begins, on all levels.

One of the beautiful things to witness in teaching others, is the transformation.  I get so genuinely excited when I see joy in someone’s eyes because they did something they never thought they could do, or when they allow themselves to be in the space of a breakdown and feeling/ observing what is going on within, and best of all, watching students move beyond and really be at peace, internally. All  attributing to finding a deeper connection with our truth or our real self and expressing the beauty, love and compassion that come from within.  This is the true meaning of being, being your truth and being love.

People who experience this emanate and exude happiness, truth and love.  Often times, rubbing their energy off on others.  There are many paths to finding this sort of internal connection.  Most importantly, being compassionate, loving and kind to yourself.  Finding self love is the key….and coming to class!

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