Breaking the Pattern

Originally PublishedJuly 15, 2008

Have you ever wondered what holds any of us back from getting what we want, need, desire? Without getting too deep into the deepest parts of our psyches, I am clearly reminded (almost daily) of how my past is working in the present. The stories that my parents told me about finances, relationships and life (whether they realized they were telling me these stories or not) continue to resurface in one way or another in my adult life….it is CRAZY!

This is a pivotal time for many of us in the universe at this moment…..recession, lost money and homes, increasing debt across the board…its freaking scary. On top of that, add personal and emotional issues that can break or grow deeper during times like these….everyone is dealing with a ton of baggage…trunks and trunks so to speak!

So…in these times, how is it possible for any of us to stay sane and allow what the universe has to offer to come to us? Sometimes I am not sure, but other times I truly believe that in allowing ourselves to receive, we face a profound opportunity for change…often times it just means taking a look inside to determine what it is that you truly want, and how the patterns of your past affect you today. Without blame or fault, identifying what is holding you back can catapult you forward….so stop the pattern…you deserve whatever it is that you seek.

Personally, I have been working in this space and once I identified why I was making poor choices and actually addressed it, the outcome that I desired came to me out of seemingly no where. These little jewels land all around us and we all have the opportunity to learn, grow and find what we want just by breaking the pattern….

In a gesture of offering and receiving, come to a comfortable seat and open your palms face up towards the heavens…

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