Fresh Start

I heart September.  No one is happier than me when the weather starts to turn from hot to crisp. The feeling of getting back into the swing of things is prevalent and we actually do get back into the swing of things.  September is also National Yoga Month and a great time to jump start your practice again and make some intentions for the upcoming change of seasons.

For those of you who come to my classes, you know that I like to read to you!  I read this quote in class and had a students ask me to read it again today.  I Love It!

If you don’t like something, change.  If you can’t change it, change your attitude.

Maya Angelou

Why do you go on blaming, pouting, tormenting yourself and refusing to make changes?  We all have a choice to make changes although sometimes we aren’t willing or are too afraid to embrace change or even take the leap.  It’s a huge risk, guaranteed!  I can certainly attest though – in the long run it’s a much greater risk to keep the status quo, than to create the life that you want.

It’s also a reality that sometimes there are circumstances that we can’t change.  Sometimes it really sucks, you might feel stuck, it might even feel like your life/career/ earning potential/ possibility for love/ (insert word here) will never become that of our dreams because of circumstances that we can’t change.  I tell you something, if you just shift your beliefs and change your attitude- you might be surprised at how things start to open up.  And maybe even that thing that you didn’t want to change changes.

Tell me what you intend for this change of season.  please leave a comment below or send me a note!  I want to hear from you!

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