Originally Published August 13, 2008

My grandfather past away this last year and I have written about him before…today when I was getting my morning coffee before I went in to teach my Wednesday morning class, I was thinking about his fantastic optimistic attitude. Whenever anyone asked him how he was, he always shouted with resounding joy, “GREAT!” Just like Tony the Tiger. In his later years, with failing health, he perpetuated this sentiment when he could no longer speak…by knocking his large knuckles on a table…his new symbol of “Great!”

I reminisce about this for several reasons….you see, living with an optimistic and positive focus in life can considerably change everything around you. My grandfather was faced with adversity throughout his life, as well as, great abundance. Regardless of what he was faced with at any given time, he was always “Great!”

If you were to just start your day feeling great and shifting your focus to even say that you are great, maybe, just maybe you will feel great and then everything seems to fall into place. Depending on your beliefs, we only have this one life to live so why not make the best out of every moment….let go of what holds you back, forgive, be free, live¬†withcompassion and make a difference….even if only for yourself! Great things will come!

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