How to Harness the Power Within You to Accomplish Anything

A few days ago, I was teaching a yoga class. When I teach, I start each class off with a short meditation. This particular day we were focusing on being with our truth. As I led the class through a series of challenging poses, we paused in one of my favorite shapes: ardha chandrasana (Half Moon Pose). I asked the students to lift away from the floor moving from center. In this moment I noticed a synergy in the class which I rarely see in this shape – everyone was standing from a place of stillness, strength and power. It was so beautiful and so real.

Usually when I teach half moon, there are those who nail it and those who are holding on for dear life. Even I feel this way at times when I practice this shape – sometimes its seamless, elegant and balanced, while other times I can’t get my ankle to stop wiggling.

Just as every yoga class is unique, every single day is different in life. There are those times when you are uncharacteristically giving yourself away to the whims of your client or agreeing to projects that aren’t really aligned with your goals. So why is it that sometimes we kill it and sometimes we falter? I am not sure the exact reason, however, my guess is that in these moments of hanging by the fringe, we have given up our power.

The center of our power in the body lies in the 3rd chakra: Manipura. Not coincidentally, it is located right at the center of the torso near the diaphragm. When our third chakra is out of whack we can either become totally egocentric all about ourselves and fiery, or the reverse, ungrounded, insecure and full of self-doubt. When fully balanced in the third chakra, we are able to stand firmly in our bodies, fully connected with the world around us, completely standing in power.

By standing in our power, we are fully connected and engaged in our truth. Have you ever noticed those times when you feel super grounded and everything just seems to go your way? You attract everything you desire! When you work from a place of power, everything will align as you make excellent decisions based of what you value in life. You are fully aligned in your truth.

With awareness, you can continue to notice and sense those times when you are really powerful and those times when you are giving your power away.

Take a few moments each day to breathe into the channel between your 3rd (diaphragm) and 6th chakra (the third eye). You might find that your intuition and power center starts to become more connected with your higher self or truth.

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  1. Thais Zoe on December 8, 2011 at 11:28 pm

    I don’t practice yoga, but I do practice daily prayer and meditation at a chapel and labyrinth near my home. And breath is key! I know that unshakeable groundedness you’re talking about…that place where, despite circumstance, all is well:) Sometimes, my proverbial ankle shakes, too…but, there’s always my center (for me, God) to come back to. Thank you for your post lovely lady!

    • Tracy Matthews on December 9, 2011 at 2:35 am

      Thanks so much Thais for commenting. Breath is definitely key in every area of our lives. I have been praying a lot lately and man it really brings some good stuff to you!

  2. Sasha Campbell on December 10, 2011 at 7:28 pm

    Tracy this is such a great post. I so wish you lived closer so that I could do your class. I do practice yoga, however I have not been that consistent with it the last couple of months. Good reminder that I need to get back into it.!

    • Tracy Matthews on December 10, 2011 at 11:19 pm

      Thanks Sasha! Next time you are in NYC I would love to have you in my class. Yoga is so powerful in keeping us connected.

      xo, Tracy

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