I Know This Much is True

Originally Published May 18, 2008

I have spoken about living your truth before…..and I have always found that sometimes finding your truth and living truthfully to yourself…are 2 different things…

Yesterday, I asked my yoga students to find the truth in their breath…vague..I know…but by breaking down truth to the fundamentals of physiology….breathing, we are able to take a step back and connect what is ultimately our truth and inner self. Deep breathing and pranayama is cleansing and can help anyone focus and remove the fog that is clouding truth.

Recently, I was faced with a situation where I felt disrespected. By continuing on the path that I was traveling, I was not aligning my situation with my truth or my values. It took a moment to step back and realize what had happened, but by fine tuning what is important to me and realizing that this was not my truth or what I wanted, I was able to be honest with myself and move forward. At times, it is easy get lost in the details of a situation without have the ability to see these details as part of a big picture scenario and vice versa….but…by defining your truth and knowing what is important at your ultimate core, it is much easier to live your truth…and breath.

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