Originally Published  August 20, 2008

Namaste literally translates as “the light within me acknowledges the light within you.” A simple gesture and statement, sometimes finding our own light can seem daunting when our mind tells us otherwise.

Marianne Williamson says it well in her book “A Return to Love”

-‘We get in life that which we focus on. Continual focus on darkness leads us as individuals and as a society, further into darkness. Focus on the light brings us into the light.

“I accept the Christ* (light) within” means, ” I accept the beauty within me as who I really am. I am not my weakness. I am not my anger. I am not my small mindedness. I am much, much more. And I am willing to be reminded of who I really am.”-

By focusing on our lightness and the truth of who we really are, true happiness and peace are abundant and available to all of us. We are all pure and perfect at the core of our being and by recognizing this essence we all have a unique opportunity to realize something truly beautiful, devoid of what are mind is telling us and what the world tries to dictate.

Yoga for accepting and embracing the lightness within you-

Sit in a comfortable seat and place the right hand on the energetic center of your heart (anahata chakra) place the left hand over the right. Close your eyes and breath into your heart center. Finding love and compassion for yourself is the key to happiness.

*Christ in this context refers to the light within us and does not denote a religious connotation.

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