New Beginnings

Originally Published September 2, 2008

The change of seasons always offers an incredible opportunity for New Beginnings. Summertime is coming to an end and although we technically have a few more weeks of Summer, Labor day signals the end of the Summer Season for most of us. Here on the East Coast, the change of seasons will happen before any of us truly know it. Soon we will be putting away our summer dresses and pulling out our knee high boots and sweaters.

New Beginnings can symbolize so many things for each of us individually…maybe moving on past a relationship that didn’t work, accepting and receiving and new outlook on life or even shedding away the layers and the baggage of whatever you are holding onto. It also offers a new perspective to receive with Love. Marianne Williamson references in her book “Return to Love” that acceptance and forgiveness all come from finding a place of love within each person that we encounter. It may be a love relationship, a family relationship or even a friendship that has you in a twist. Once we are able to approach anyone from a place of love, we can find healing regardless of the distress, discomfort or pain that we have felt in relation to another. With this comes the ultimate freedom that anyone can have….letting go and starting over!

By Starting over, we naturally let go of the past. With letting go comes emotional freedom. And with that emotional freedom, anything can happen….Happy Birthday!

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