Peace Out!

Originally Published February 22, 2008

Inner peace is something very difficult to attain for most…peace of mind, quieting the mind and finding resolution with the way things are is a daily challenge for all of

us, especially the overachiever types, such as, moi.

In the last few years, my meditation practice has not been the most consistent in my life and is generally “practiced” in conjunction with my yoga practice, rather than every morning. My lack of intention makes it difficult at times to deal with the monkey brain thoughts….why does my but look big or why didn’t he call me or how am I going to produce that huge order….we all do it…and maybe it is even in the knowledge that our thoughts manifest into things when we buy into them.

My new practice is one of the “cheesy” affirmation-turn that frown upside down. It has started to work…so when I am feeling insecure about something that is illogical, I turn it into a positive. I have truly found so much more peace…and I have a lot more FUN!

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