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Jewelry Insider Secret: How to Trade In Old Gold for Beautiful, Custom Jewelry

        You know that broken, gold snake chain that has been collecting dust in your jewelry armoire for years? It is time to put it to good use. Gold prices are at an all time high! Just last week gold’s value reached a record high of just over $1,800. What a great… Read More »

Great video on how to save some money if you are getting married

Click here to Watch the Video Just for fun, I created a little video for those of you who are getting engaged or who are in “getting married” mode. Expenses add up quickly when you are planning a wedding, so I thought I would share an insider tip on saving a little money in the… Read More »

How I turned something old into something new (and saved my client a ton of money in the process)

Over the years, many of us start to build an amazing collection of jewelry. Our parents gift us things for important birthdays and events, a love buys us a special gift that was coveted until the relationship crumbled, we splurged on something expensive and special that we swore we would wear all the time but… Read More »

Heirloom Unworn to Gorgeous Reborn

Heirloom and Diamond Ring I love this ring!  From generation to generation, heirloom stones and jewelry are passed along from mothers to daughters, from grandmothers to grandchildren.  Let’s face it- sometimes what was in style in 1965 is super cool but possibly less than functional in 2010.  So what do you do when you’ve been… Read More »