Lessons in Letting Go

Dropping back and letting go

“If you love something (or want something), let it go. If it comes back to you, it was yours to keep and if it doesn’t, it was never yours to have.” -Unknown and translated by many

Letting go is hard to do and it has been a common theme in my classes since I started teaching yoga over 8 years ago. After meditating one morning, the theme of letting go had come back to me powerfully so I decided to make it the theme of my 730 am class. What I didn’t understand at the time was that the lesson was really for me to let go. Let me explain.

After I teach in the mornings, I like to practice in the empty studio by myself. That time is always very calming and centering. I had just returned from a trip to Asia and while I was still battling the hangover of jet-lag and the struggle of transitioning back to normal life, I decided to stick to my usual routine and take my solo practice head on. Once I finished teaching a lovely class about letting go and finding surrender in life, I started to set up for my personal practice. My iPhone was still plugged into the stereo playing my soulful play list when I was approached by a student. I was sidetracked for a moment and walked out of the yoga room with student to continue our conversation and take a quick trip to the ladies room.

When I returned to the studio, the unfortunate two minutes that had passed resulted in a “missing” iPhone. Immediate flashbacks of me asking the maintenance guy to leave my things where they were and anxiety over the loss of music, notes and other important information on my phone (that of course I had not backed up in 3 months). Panic set in and fast forward a few moments later, I had the entire security staff at the club looking for my phone. The prospects of finding it were pretty bleak. A meltdown ensued and intense feelings of stupidity for leaving it overwhelmed me along with tears of frustration and an extreme sense of violation.

As I started to breath to just calm myself down, I remembered my lesson in letting go. Sometimes we hold onto things so tightly and have great difficulty letting go and sometimes things are just taken away from you and you don’t have a choice you are forced to let go. I repeated my mantra from earlier, if it comes back, it was meant to be mine, if not, it’s time for a new phone. I decided to leave the club to regroup so I went home to find out where I could get a new phone.

Before making the big purchase, I decided to stop back in to the club and found out that my phone had mysteriously reappeared in the men’s locker room. As I breathed a sigh of relief, I thanked the staff members who helped my in my search and immediately embraced a deep sense of gratitude that not only had I saved myself $400, but I had been returned my phone with months of notes and music that were irreplaceable. I feel blessed that the universe conspired for me and taught me an important lesson in letting go. Really, it’s just a phone, but I was meant to have it back. And such is life.

I encourage you to let go in your life. What are you forcing? What are you holding onto? Where is the drama and why so much drama? I would love to hear what you think in the comments below.

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